Promotional Material

Affiliation with IAIM can be a helpful marketing tool. Use our promotional material below to promote your business.

Official IAIM, Canada - AIMB, Canada® Logo

This is our official IAIM, Canada - AIMB, Canada logo. As a CIMI, you have permission to use this logo on promotional materials for your business. Please do not use other versions of the IAIM, Canada - AIMB, Canada logo found on the internet. This logo has been approved and updated as of May 2016. All other logos are not recognized by IAIM, Canada - AIMB, Canada.

NOTE: Please note our official registered name is International Association of Infant Massage - Association internationale en massage pour bébé® (long version) or IAIM, Canada - AIMB, Canada® when referencing our association as this is our official title.

Promotional Material for Purchase - Warehouse 

We have provided materials for you to purchase through the store (under construction). If there is some material that you would like IAIM to publish please contact us.