Canada's Chapter Board of Directors

Please welcome our new team members and volunteers! 


Chelsea Lewis - President

Montreal, Quebec

Chelsea has an MA in Child Studies where her research focus was touch and attachment between infants and mothers. As a result, Chelsea launched a pilot program on attachment and play for pre-service educators at Concordia University.

Chelsea is an interdisciplinary holistic practitioner who runs her own business called Higher Veda, where she offers Reiki, Ayurvedic cosmetology and has just started a yoga teaching training program. Chelsea designs treatments for both adults and children that include energy work, Ayurvedic herbal oils/decoctions, massage, and yoga. She also offers workshops to teach others the traditional Ayurvedic healing technique of Abhyanga (self-massage).

Chelsea trained to become a CIMI with Françoise Lefebvre in 2015.

Sylvie Hétu - Chapter Representative

Montreal, Quebec

Sylvie is a mother of three grown children. She has been involved with IAIM since 1983 as an Instructor and 1989 as an international Trainer. She has pioneered infant massage in Canada, as well as in over 25 countries around the world, on all continents. Sylvie was the international President of the IAIM for 12 years and has been a member of the IAIM International Educational Committee for 18 years. Sylvie is now a member of the Trainer Leadership Committee (TLC).

Sylvie has a diploma in nutrition from Maisonneuve College (1976) and a BSc degree in Education from Montréal University (1980). Sylvie is also a qualified Steiner-teacher trained with l’Institut Rudolf Steiner au Québec (1998). She has taught primary school, as well biology and nutrition lessons to teenagers, and is an international lecturer on parenting and education.

Besides doing trainings, she currently works at the Montreal Steiner Schools as a human resources consultant, and gives talks about education for parents, educators and teachers.

Sylvie is also the co-founder of the Massage in Schools Programme (2000) for a child to child and family approach. Sylvie also writes, and is the author of The Song of the Child (2004), co-author of Touch in Schools: a Revolutionary Strategy to Replace Bullying by Respect and to Reduce Violence (2010), author of On Meurt et puis après (2016), has a published chapter (The Myth of Early Stimulation for Babies) in the book Too Much Too Soon (2011), is the author of the IAIM Fairy Tale and co-author of Dans l’au-delà, la suite (2021).

She is passionate about creating bridges between ancient traditions and modern knowledge.

Wanda Cox - Secretary

Nova Scotia

Wanda Cox fell in love with Infant Massage after taking a class with her first son in 1997. She trained as a birth doula in 1999 and has been expanding the ways she serves families ever since, including becoming a Certified Infant Massage Instructor in 2011. She is also a childbirth educator, postpartum doula, lactation educator and birth doula trainer. She has a BA in Psychology and is looking forward to becoming becoming and IAIM Trainer to further expand families access to the art of nurturing touch.

Wanda has six kids in total and recently enjoyed the thrill of her first grandchild who is reaping the many benefits of Infant Massage!

Françoise Lefebvre - Board Director

Montreal, Quebec

Françoise has been an international trainer with IAIM since 1997 and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor since 1988. As well as teaching parent and baby classes, Francoise's also teaches IAIM Infant Massage Instructor training sessions across Canada, Belgium and Switzerland. Françoise has taught and mentored thousands of students for IAIM. She has been a member of the IAIM, Canada - AIMB, Canada® Board from 2004 to 2015 and with this experience now offers guidance and support to the current Board.

Paulette Morais - Board Director

Haut-Sheila, New Brunswick

Paulette is the mother of three beautiful children, Paulette and her family reside in Haut-Sheila, New Brunswick. She is a Speech Therapy Assistant and community service worker with the Talk to Me in Early Childhood program. She completed her initial IAIM infant massage training in March 2016 with Françoise.

Kelly Zwartouw - Board Director

Vancouver, British Columbia

Kelly trained to become a CIMI in 2013 with Sylvie Hétu, and has previously served on the IAIM Canada board from 2016 to 2020 as a Communications Director and Chapter Representative. Kelly also worked closely with the IAIM trainers to help coordinate and promote trainings in the Vancouver area. 

Kelly is a Communications Consultant who worked at a number of prestigious public relations agencies in London, UK, before moving to Canada. She took a few years out of consulting to be a stay-at-home mom where she discovered the wonders of infant massage. Kelly has returned to consultancy part-time working with companies and non-profit organizations including the Family Place Partnership in Vancouver. 

Kelly is fascinated by the wide range of benefits that infant massage brings to babies, parents, siblings, and its positive ripple effect on the wider community.