Canada's Chapter Board of Directors

Voted to the Canada Chapter's Board of Directors in November 2019 at the General Assembly and Education Conference, the following team of volunteers work to promote IAIM and support our members in Canada.

Please welcome: Chelsea Lewis, Chetna Jetha, Jessica Malacarne, & Michelle Strebchuk.

Please watch for updates!

Michelle Strebchuk

President - Michelle Strebchuk

High Prairie, AB

Michelle first trained to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) in Calgary with Sylvie Hétu in 2000. She refreshed her training with Sylvie in Edmonton in November 2016, and received her CIMI Certification in May 2017. She joined the IAIM, Canada- AIMB, Canada® Board in November 2017. In addition to over twenty years of massage therapy practice, Michelle brings to the Board local, regional, and provincial not-for-profit experiences and skills garnered in print, social media, and web communications. She, her husband and three children (10, 13 and 15) reside on their certified organic farm near High Prairie, in Northern Alberta, where the kids love to climb trees, jump on bales, and “feed their flocks” (4H lambs and a small brood of laying hens!).

Warehouse Coordinator - Anna Ogden

Vancouver, BC

Anna trained to become a CIMI with Sylvie Hétu in August 2017. At the prompting of her friend and colleague Brooke, joined the Board from November 2017 - November 2019. Anna is a physiotherapist and works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Surrey Memorial Hospital in Surrey, BC. She plans to use her new skills in her workplace, and in her community. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and two children (ages 4 and 6). She has served as our volunteer Warehouse Coordinator from July 2018 to present.

Francoise Lefebvre

Board Consultant- Françoise Lefebvre

Montreal, QC

Françoise has been an international trainer with IAIM since 1997 and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor since 1988. As well as teaching parent and baby classes, Francoise's also teaches IAIM Infant Massage Instructor training sessions across Canada, Belgium and Switzerland. Françoise has taught and mentored thousands of students for IAIM. She has been a member of the IAIM, Canada - AIMB, Canada® Board from 2004 to 2015 and with this experience now offers guidance and support to the current Board.