The IAIM Infant Massage Program

The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community - IAIM's Mission

IAIM's work is much more than teaching massage strokes. 

We pride ourselves on honouring connections between human beings from the very beginning of life and respecting the unique communication methods a mother or father has with their baby. It was founded by Vimala McClure in the 1970s and is supported by current scientific and medical evidence. 

IAIM's program involves many different styles of touch, movement, interaction and communication providing a holistic approach to infant massage.  Our approach to infant massage is baby-led, meaning we encourage parents to respond to their babies' cues in a way that only they know how.  Parents are taught how to read their baby's behavioural states to identify the best time for massage. 

IAIM's program aims to encourage nurturing touch and communication for the benefit of babies, families and even communities.


Be Confident with Every Aspect of Infant Massage with IAIM

First, know that IAIM's program has been practiced for more than 30 years, it is taught by 1000s of instructors around the world and is supported by evidence-based research. When in a class, IAIM instructors teach a little at a time to ensure that you are confident with every aspect. All of our instructors teach the same tried and tested IAIM syllabus, although the structure and prices of classes can vary. Most instructors offer two main types of service: infant massage classes and private instruction.

Classes offer a supportive group environment where parents can share experiences and learn from each other while having fun. A typical IAIM course consists of five sessions lasting 60 to 90 minutes. Each session is held at weekly intervals to allow you and your baby to absorb all the information and adapt to the feeling of massage. Group sizes are kept small to ensure personalized attention.  The recommended age for group classes is from birth to one.

Many Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs) offer other services including the option for private classes for parents and babies with individual needs. Some instructors also conduct workshops and demonstrations for professional groups and conferences.


Why Take a Class?

The easiest way to learn to massage your baby is with the help of an IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI). The strokes and styles of massage are easier to grasp when demonstrated by our experienced instructors. Pressure, rate, rhythm, the length of the massage, respect, bonding, why babies cry, babies’ body language, relaxation, and parent empowerment are some of the skills and topics you will learn. Over the five sessions, IAIM Instructors will also provide ongoing support to help you gain confidence in reading your baby's unique cues. Find a class in your local area here.